Increase Traffic, Sales, & Customer Retention By Upwards Of 20%
Without Generating New Customers Or Any Outside Advertising
Experience These Great Benefits From Your Very Own VIP Club...
Reach Existing Customers
A guaranteed way to reach your existing customers anytime you want to bring them back more often and spend more money.
Send Trackable Promotions
Send special offers or coupons through SMS & email while tracking the value and number of redemptions of your campaign.
Attract More Celebrations 
Invite your customers to celebrate on their birthdays and anniversaries at your venue instead of your competitors.
Why A VIP Loyalty Club Is So Powerful...
Advertising with traditional media like radio, TV, or publications can reach large audiences, but it isn't necessary the best way and it certainly is the more expensive way.    

The bigger problem is that if you want to reach that audience again, you’re forced to keep spending money over and over again to reach the same customers. Why? Because you don’t own the audience.

What if you had 1000’s of people that know, like, and trust you, and you could communicate with them whenever you want. Do you think you could increase sales? (absolutely). This is why you must own the audience. 

If you’re only spending money to reach new people, and you’re not building an audience of the new customers, it’s very costly. It’s important you build a following you can reach and profit from whenever you want, so you have total control. 

An audience is an asset, and it’s the reason why all the big companies such as Groupon, newspaper, radio stations, and valpak/money mailer use the ‘audience approach’ to drive sales for local businesses.

Personalized VIP Clubs enable you to quickly reach your own audience of customers, resulting in increase sales and more profits, because you can send offers and specials whenever you want. It just makes sense.
We Install A VIP Customer Loyalty Program In Your Restaurant, So You Can Immediately Make More Money From Your Existing Customers
How Does It Work?
Define Your Program
We define the type of VIP club you desire.
> Standard: SMS & email club.
> Celebration: Birthday club, anniversary club.
> Premium: combination of all three clubs.

Build Your Audience
Our system easily captures customer data, so you can easily reach them. Name, email, mobile, birthday, & anniversary.

Increase Revenue
We manage everything. Our system automates the entire marketing. process. Your customers will automatically receive personalized SMS & email messages. Use for Coupons and birthday & anniversary offers.
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